Set up by the Redblue research team to ensure our findings are built on rock solid foundations, Fetch Field Services is a small, dynamic agency using intelligent design and clever execution to provide high quality data in a fast, efficient and cost effective manner.

Field force

Fetch have strong relationships with their experienced team of supervisors, interviewers and recruiters covering the entire UK. Combined with a strong emphasis on training and briefings, we’re always confident our field force have the expertise to gather your data effectively whatever the audience.


Fetch have a great mix of operational experience and market research know how. With a variety of methodologies available, we’ll work with you to decide on the perfect approach to find whoever you need to speak to.

Far more than fieldwork
The speak easy
Bring out the best in respondents

We use colour theory to help promote the moods and emotions within each area of the facility.

Get the conversation started

Our hostess introduces everyone as they arrive, our extra fancy selection of pastries and cakes are fantastic icebreakers while our pool table lets those with a more competitive streak get to know one another.

Located in the heart of Clapham old town

Our Zone 2 location means we naturally attract a good mix of urban and suburban respondents. However, excellent transport links in and out of central London mean we’re perfectly positioned for almost any type of respondent.