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Those of us that work in the world of marketing spend a lot of time thinking in detail about the products and services we are tasked to understand and grow.  We spend our days analysing the minutiae of what we and competitors offer and how we best talk about and deliver those offerings to consumers. 

This is of course critically important to give us the best chance of deserving consumers' hard earned cash... we need to know what they like, what life they aspire to lead, how they make decisions and then try to ensure we ‘show up’ in the right way at the right time.

However with many companies having this enormous, all consuming focus on a single category – be it a beer manufacturer, an energy provider, a bank – there is a real risk of a loss of perspective on quite how important that category is in people’s broader lives as a whole.  And the honest fact is that most of the time people spend very little time thinking about or engaging with many categories, they are just too busy living their lives.   

At Redblue we are hyper conscious of the need to get a true read on how consumers actually think, feel and act in order to recommend strategies that really will make a difference.

Among others, we’ve shown FMCG brands quite how little time shoppers spend looking at details on pack, we’ve shown tech brands how even advanced consumers like to hear about benefits not their beloved technical stats and we’ve shown utility companies how customers really interact with their bills.

Critical to landing this reality check is to prove to key decision makers that customers aren’t always who they think they are.  Whether via video clip, full video debriefs or bringing customers into our clients buildings, we are passionate believers that our clients need to hear straight from the customer themselves; particularly if we are breaking down commonly held myths.  Such vivid ways of bringing customers to life all ensure insight travels, insight inspires and brands ultimately make the right decisions on where to invest their budgets.

At Redblue we’re passionate about ensuring our work makes a difference, translating insight into action for the insight teams and well beyond, if you want to ensure you are thinking outside of the marketing bubble, please get in touch, we’d love to discuss how we can help.

Tom Retter


Want to chat further?  Please drop me a note on tom@redblue.co.uk or call 07926 856225.