Holidays 12 x 8

Travelling, reading and music – 3 of the most common passions people have.

Yet, whilst the latter have Amazon and Spotify to help guide people to the choices they are likely to love, as far as I am aware, the same has not quite happened to travel, yet it needs it now more than ever.

For me, finding a holiday has become increasingly unenjoyable over time, impacted by a reduction in my free time and energy (an outcome of having 2 boys under 3) combined with an explosion of detailed and conflicting information online.

It’s gone from being a pleasurable browse of possibilities to a more pressured attempt to balance several different technical trade offs such as travel distances and facilities alongside more subjective – usually extremely worded - negative and positive reviews (probably from people with completely different outlooks from yourself).

The process has become more akin to buying a new laptop or television, such is the effort involved to trying to triangulate the ‘perfect choice’.

Currently you get a few search filters to play around with on booking websites, but isn’t there an opportunity for something much more intelligent and personalised?  Couldn’t the holiday industry learn from Spotify and Amazon – collecting your holiday reviews and history with 1000s of others to give recommendations, tips and advice on where to stay and what to do? 

I love holidays.  I’m beginning to hate searching for them… which company will be the first to tap into this massive opportunity to help people find their perfect holidays?   

John Alexander

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