Homebrew 12x5

The story of the craft beer revolution, where individuals got together to create beers to be exactly as they wanted to drink rather than those produced by major breweries, has inspired many like me to take up home brewing.

A recent birthday justified my investment in a plethora of equipment to help me get started and my patience over the fermentation period has been rewarded when my first beer was unveiled for tasting to warm reviews, no doubt boosted by the punchy 5.9% abv.

I’ve been struck by the interest others have had in my experience, particularly over how eager people were to know what I would call my new brew.  This stamp of ownership over my creation and how I would design labelling for the bottles (even though they would never be on sale!) really captures people’s imagination.

It’s also made me reflect on how much more compelling brand stories can become as they move closer to the consumer.  A brand story about your local town is relevant, one from your local off license feels special, a brand story from someone you actually know really means something.

If this hyper local trend continues to gather pace, and even the craft brands get out-crafted, how can traditional businesses get in on the action?  Might they, like BrewDog in releasing the recipes for each of their beers, do more to support home brewers set up their operations?  Or set up local market places for home brewers to sell their wares to people in their neighbourhoods?  What other products will people turn their hand to?

It feels exciting, who knows where it might end.  Whatever happens, I'd better think of a name quick - a new brew will be in the pipeline soon!

Matt Jobber

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